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Is Myers-Briggs the way to go?

Personality is not always given the importance it deserves when looking for the best fit between jobs and people. Often it remains as a matter of self knowledge, but it is also very useful for team building, choosing your couple, knowing why you can’t stand your boss, etc.

Millions of people have gone through the Myers-Briggs test (MBTI). Many people love it, and for good reasons.

At ReviTalent we’ve also worked with this model, whenever the clients ask us to, but we like to think critically about everything, especially about ourselves 😉 We’ve come across this interesting article. Don’t read it if you’re a fan of Myers-Briggs.

If we can choose, we prefer the Big Five model. If you want to know more about it, here are the basics. We’re developing our own test based upon it.

Critical insights into performance reviews

After all the effort and money we’ve put into performance review systems and policies, I know this may not be welcome. But for those who smelled something rotten but didn’t dare to speak out, here is some food for thought. Just an appetizer:

“They’re wildly inaccurate, for one: CEB’s research finds that two-thirds of employees who receive the highest scores in a typical performance management system are not actually the organization’s highest performers. Go figure. The reviews are ineffective, too: Managers told CEB that conventional reviews only generate a 3- to 5-percent improvement in employee performance. They’re also surprisingly inadequate: Just 23 percent of HR folks surveyed by the firm say they’re satisfied with their organizations’ performance evaluations, down from more than 50 percent a decade ago.”

You can find more here and here.

Are we damaging performance by trying to measure it in the wrong way? What do you think?

Salimos en “Equipos y Talento”

Es un orgullo comentaros que la conferencia de Shackleton ha tenido eco en la prensa especializada. Os dejo el link de “Equipos y Talento“.

También comentar que ante la escasez de plazas y la buena acogida de la iniciativa, vamos a organizar otra edición en próximo día 18 de Abril, con invitación personalizada a 15 directivos de RRHH de algunas de las principales empresas españolas.

English version of our website

Talent and companies know no frontiers. Today more than ever companies and professionals can’t be limited by a territory or a language.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve translated our website into English. We still have a few details to iron out, but at least the information is there.

At ReviTalent we can provide all our services in English and French, and we even have some specific trainings in English language to succeed in international meetings and negociations, or to help HR employees communicate with their foreign counterparts.

Frases para darte energía

Hoy he encontrado un autor brasileño (Roberto Shinyashiki) con buenas frases. Se las dedico especialmente a cierta persona que sueña y sueña.

  • Felicidade é como dieta, todo mundo sabe o que tem de fazer para conseguir seu objetivo, mas a maioria não põe em prática esse conhecimento.
  • É preciso saber lutar como um leão, mas lutar por sonhos que valham a pena.
  • Quando alguém se dedica a alimentar ilusões, perde oportunidades.
  • A ilusão não tira ninguém de onde está. Ilusão é combustível de perdedores. Quem quer fazer alguma coisa, encontra um meio. Quem não quer fazer nada, encontra uma desculpa.